TIME’SUP™ / Advertising
TIME’SUP™ / Advertising
TIME’SUP™ / Advertising

Time’s up, advertising.

Time’s up on sexual harassment.

Time’s up on lack of representation.

Time’s up on inequity.

Time’s up on silence.

Time’s up now.    

We are proud to stand in solidarity with more than 180 agency leaders to launch TIME’SUP™/Advertising and initiate positive change for Swift, our industry and all women. We applaud the brave trailblazers who broke the silence on sexual abuse and harassment; the thousands of women who are calling out sexist workplace behavior and culture; and all the people who stand together to insist on equal treatment and representation within their industries. Gender equality is part of Swift’s DNA, and now, during this incredible moment of uprising and shifting power dynamics, we will continue to drive lasting change.

TIME’SUP™/Advertising will address the entrenched power imbalances in advertising that, over time, have kept too many people from achieving their full potential, created instances of workplace inequity, and left some feeling unsafe. Real change is coming. Be a part of it and stay tuned at http://timesupadvertising.com/.