Putting the hype in teen athletes' hands

Highlights App

Sharpen your game from the inside. And out.

When we teamed up with Gatorade this year as their social AOR, we knew we had to be true to sports culture in a way that tech-savvy teen athletes would embrace. Our strategy isn’t just about what they put into their bodies—it’s what they put into the world.

In the huddle with Gen Z

Using Swiftography, our social-first research platform, we interviewed 28 athletes in 7 key markets, getting deep about their hopes, fears and motivations around sports and culture. Our findings fueled the campaign.


Power to the players

Gatorade created the Highlights app to give athletes the tools to take their best sports moments to the next level.

It was up to us to show them how Highlights can get them noticed.

Full court press on Instagram

At launch we wanted to make the functionality of the app immediately clear to teens when they landed on @gatorade’s feed so they would be compelled to download. To accomplish this, we juxtaposed action footage with a sticker showcase, to inspire teens to make kick-ass highlights of their own.

We let the pros play too

To build credibility we asked key roster athletes to post their own Highlights-edited videos to their social channels along with a CTA to swipe up and download.

Let the games begin...

It didn’t take long for fans to embrace the Highlights app, supercharging their edits in ways we’d never even dreamed of.

And they're just. getting. started.